Friday, September 29, 2006

all i have to

if i werent crazy, i would totally go insane. everything in this world is so fucked up. from the corp. world to the government, from the crappy ass music that is glorified on the radio, to all the consumer whores out there in tv land. im getting angry just thinking about it. and its a friday night. i should be happy right? HA! i wish...this weekend shall be fun, but i know that it will end...and ill go back to the daily struggle to survive...without a degree...thanks to good ol' gw, i wont be able to go to college til im 24 fucking years old! i mean honestly. thanks alot for nothing. i wish i could punch him in his stupid monkey face. even then i wouldnt feel better. ill feel better when im celebrating new years in not in the mood to get more into it this eve...ill get way to mad. im gonna go dance! lets just dance about it! that may help. ill let ya know if it does help. all in time. in time....yes....time....


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